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up close & personal



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up close & personal


  • know your s-elf deeper(2017)
  • 2 day fast(2017)
  • safe way to vego, vegan(2017)
  • on parenting (2017)
  • grow a vegi patch (2017)
  • YouUsMe communication workshop (2017)
  • cosmic consciousness paths                       (2017)



hi, happy you have connected here!

up close and personal workshops are creations for your evolution, allowing for enhancement and deepening your connections with your s-elf, each other and our planet...our spaces are designed to be intimate and cosy.  therefore the number of people per session is 20.  having a homely group creates an empowering and dynamic space to be in. 

included in our workshops are: a vegan lunch, and when available fresh organic produce from the garden yummo! ....... beverages are provided also inclusive are pencils and your workbook.

for a heavenly day or two bookings are essential.

we would love to bring our workshops to your location. please contact us to make arrangements.

remember to check in here on a regular basis to learn what our next workshop is and where etc.... and please keep scrolling down for our latest workshop.

thank you for being here

look forward to connecting with you again :)

love, light and blessings 

the team 

up close and personal workshops 





know your s-elf deeper

"the deeper you love you,

is the measure you love others" 

have fun discovering your:  

​.  colour codes

.  numbers

.  astrology

.  values 

.  beverages, vegan lunch

.  pencils and workbook provided

.  + much more (got to have some surprises:)

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latest up close & personal workshop 




"magic begins the moment you start 

exploring your self,  so get going and don't stop, look forward with your head high and go through the most beautiful journey that is you"

sarvani kajdeep

"inner & outer work are of equal  importance


giving and receiving are of equal importance"

"our cup runneth over, so grateful, thank you all"